Using Digital Tools with Print Texts

While some students prefer a hard copy of a book, others may prefer a digital copy and vice versa. However, in the current technological era, teachers must adapt to the various tools available to us via the internet.

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Here are some websites where you can find e-books and scholarly articles:

Digital Book Trailers

Digital Book Trailers are videos that students will create based upon a storyline represented in the assigned book. Students will gain a greater understanding of the reading by interacting with the text in an interpersonal setting and will learn to analyze the text in a closer and more meaningful way.

This link contains a plethora of examples where students have created digital book trailers, which can be shown as examples to students illustrating their capabilities in creating these trailers.
Digital Book Trailer Examples

Also, there are a variety of helpful websites to help students begin in their adventure to create a digital book trailer. Based upon the age level of the students, there are different websites that will aid in the facilitation of creating book trailers

Online Book Reviews

Having students create a book review allows students to share their thoughts on a particular book. Students will become connected learners by interacting with the larger community and growing intellectually. Students will be able to expand their knowledge and influence others in their own perception of the book.

For example, Youth Voices is a wonderful website where students are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas. One major aspect of this website is the Youth Voices Book Talk where students can post reviews and have the ability to comment on each other's reviews.

Once students feel comfortable creating these reviews, they can expand their networks and follow other websites such as Goodreads and Shelfari, which are excellent resources for independent reading and allow students to examine a much larger community of readers.

Multimedia Book Response

There are many media forms and genres where students can share their responses by using:

Listed are some ways that one can see what other teachers are doing with multimedia book responses:
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Digital Citizenship

Students should be aware of their actions in the digital space and understand that they can be held accountable for irresponsible technology use. For more information, please visit the following websites: