Chapter 1: Reimagining Reading Instruction for All Students

Who Am I As A Reader?

In this image there are three readers, each reading in a different formats- one person with a magazine, one with a book, and one with a tablet. As we can see, people love to read in different ways. It is very likely that we would use digital reading if we owned a tablet, e-reader, computer, or phone. How, where, when, and why do you read?
Figure 1.1.jpg

Do My Students Have Access to the Internet and Devices?
The majority of students do have access to the internet and devices some way or another. For some students, the digital divide from the online world can still exist; however, a majority of your students will have access to the internet. Look at the chart below for some some insight on our findings.

Figure 1.3.png

Key Ideas in Reading Instruction for All Students

(1) text complexity
(2) student readers
(3) close reading
(4) implications for instructional policies
(5) implications for policies on formative assessment
(6) implications for professional learning for teachers

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